Next Steps for Pharmacies

At Cirrus, we’ve worked hard to make it “business as usual” for your pharmacy. It’s your business to manage your inventory, so you’re still in charge. You’ll continue to order the drugs to maintain your inventory levels just as you do today.

It’s your business to manage your profit margin, so you continue to do that. Your third party payments and copays are yours to keep, and you compensate the covered entity for drugs shipped to you at the same prices you pay for drugs today. You make the same margin on drugs you always have, but get an additional dispense fee.

You’ve selected a wholesaler and decided what drugs to dispense based on your best judgment as a pharmacist. You keep your existing wholesaler, and there’s no need to substitute drugs when participating in 340B, even generics.

In order to participate in 340B through the Cirrus system, a pharmacy need only authorize us to receive a copy of your switch data and negotiate a dispense fee. You can confirm that your calculations are exactly what you expect through our always-available dashboard.