Information for Pharmacies

We’ve developed a proprietary system to make participating in 340B Contract Pharmacy easy for retail pharmacies. You get to help the patients in your community while maintaining control of your inventory and receiving guaranteed positive cash flow.

Wholesaler Retention

You keep your current wholesaler. There’s no need to substitute drugs or use a different set of generics.

Patient Eligibility

You don’t need to track 340B eligible patients. Cirrus identifies after the fact which of your dispenses were 340B eligible.  There’s no additional work for your clerks or technicians.

Inventory Management

Our Invisible Inventory system lets your current inventory management system do its job without being flooded with excess inventory. You place your orders just as you normally do: you buy only what you normally would to serve your patient population.  The Cirrus gateway decides which of your ordered items can be substituted with 340B orders.  Each time that happens, your pharmacy earns an additional dispense fee and you add the 340B inventory to your stock just like any other drugs.

Pharmacy-Friendly Pricing Model

The Cirrus pricing model gives you an additional dispense fee for participating in 340B with your local covered entity.  You keep all of your third-party payments and copays, and earn additional service fees to fund your pharmacy to enhance patient care. Read More

You pay the same amount for drugs shipped to your pharmacy, and on the same payment terms as your current wholesaler account.

Positive Cash Flow

We only trigger an order when complete bottles are dispensed. This means that pharmacies don’t have to pay in advance for drugs they haven’t received, and there’s no true-up ever required for bottles for which there isn’t enough 340B dispense.