Information for Hospitals


Match Hospital Patients to Pharmacy Patients

Correctly identifying which pharmacy patients are eligible patients is a critical step in running your 340B program.  You want to catch them all so you can receive the drug discount, but you want to ensure that you are compliant with all of the regulations.  Our matching algorithm learns as it evaluates more data, adapting to nicknames, typos, and abbreviations.

Checking that providers work for the hospital

In order to qualify for 340B eligibility, each prescription to a patient must be made by a provider working for or on behalf of the covered entity. Cirrus matches the employment date of the prescriber and their prescriber identification against each prescription to assure that only doctors prescribing on behalf of the covered entity are being included.

Confirm 340B Compliance

Our 17-point check for Program Eligibility

Covered entities must comply with 340B legal and regulatory requirements, as well as excluding any prescriptions paid in any part by Medicaid. They must also maintain auditable records to demonstrate this compliance. Cirrus’ multi-point check assures that all rules are complied with.  In addition, HIPAA data will be secure.  Read More about HIPAA & data security.

Insightful Reports 

Compliance requires that covered entities be able to account for every purchase of 340B drugs, and track those purchases back to eligible dispenses. Cirrus provides a useful set of reports for maintaining and demonstrating compliance.  Read More

Provide Invoices

Cirrus handles all the financial reconciliation between the contract pharmacies and covered entities. Covered entities and pharmacy staff can both access our dashboard 24 hours a day to view detailed invoices showing deliveries, prices, and calculated dispense fees. Because all parties are seeing the same financial reconciliation, validating the correctness of invoices becomes easy. The pharmacy can reconcile each wholesaler delivery with their invoice of repayment due to the hospital, and the hospital can reconcile their wholesaler 340B account purchases.

Work with Your Pharmacy

We’ve designed our 340B service to be a win/win/win.  Your patients win, your entity wins, and your contract pharmacies win.  Your entity obtains all of its 340B eligible dispenses, maximizing your tools for improving patient care.  Your compliance is assured, saving you work, hassle, and worry.  Your contract pharmacies benefit from minimal impact to pharmacy inventory and cash flow, making them enthusiastic partners.  Read More about why pharmacies like our system.


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